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From hardware to software, Your World Productions TPK strives to provide the most reliable teleprompter service on the market.

  •  Camera-mounted/through the lens teleprompter setups

  • Stand alone/freestanding teleprompter setups

  • Rise and fall presidential teleprompter setups

  • Stationary presidential teleprompter setups

  • Confidence monitors


We are a company with ideas, expertise, and most importantly, style. We care about our work immensely - how it looks, and most importantly, whether it accomplishes the client's goal. We pride ourselves on being creative and contemporary.


CAMERA-MOUNTED/THROUGH-THE-LENS TELEPROMPTER setups utilize one tripod to hold both the camera and the teleprompter monitor. The camera sits behind the teleprompter glass which is reflecting the words off a monitor which is also on the tripod facing the glass.

STAND ALONE/FREESTANDING TELEPROMPTER setups have the teleprompter glass and monitor on its own stand (usually a C stand). The camera is on its own tripod directly behind the teleprompter setup.

RISE AND FALL PRESIDENTIAL TELEPROMPTER setups are what you usually see during speeches from a podium such as presidential speeches. These setups are used when there will be multiple speakers throughout the event which are different heights. These setups rise and fall the teleprompter glass which is on poles so that the speakers can see their speeches without impediment.

STATIONARY PRESIDENTIAL TELEPROMPTER setups also are used for speeches usually from podiums such as presidential speeches. These setups are primarily used if there is only one speaker or if multiple speakers are the same height or close in height. These do not adjust up or down to accommodate the height of the speaker(s). These setups are adjusted to the height of the speaker(s) in advance of the event.

CONFIDENCE MONITORS are used for speakers that have their speeches mostly memorized and just need the words available in case they momentarily blank out. These speakers also usually like to walk the stage to engage with the audience rather than standing in a stationary spot. There are usually 3 monitors set up. These are best used if the stage is tall and they would be placed on the ground level in front of the first row so that it looks like the speaker is
looking at the audience.


The teleprompter operator follows the speaker’s pace not the other way around. It’s best to have a rehearsal with the teleprompter operator so that the speaker and the operator can get a feel for each other and practice the rhythm of the speech delivery. Rehearsal is a good time to make minor tweaks to the speech.

If the speaker goes off speech, the teleprompter operator will not be able to guess where the speaker will pick up when coming back to the speech, therefore, the operator will likely stay on the same spot where the speaker left off.

Sometimes speakers get nervous and start speaking faster which only makes the teleprompter operator go faster to keep up with the speaker and then it becomes a vicious cycle. A rehearsal is strongly advised especially if speaking from a teleprompter is not a normal occurrence for the speaker.

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