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video editing company

Aaron Ralph Thomas


About the founder of our teleprompter and video editing company

Aaron Ralph Thomas started Your World Productions Inc back in 2010. Over the years he has grown this company into a successful business where we have provided services to many well-known companies and clients. He started with videography and video-editing and expanded into teleprompter services doing business as Teleprompter Kings and most recently into
positioning clients through authority marketing in his role as Chief Media Strategist. He is known as the best-selling author of the “Teleprompter Bible” on Amazon. Aaron has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Smithsonian Magazine, CNN, USA Today, and affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. He has also hosted on Business Innovators Radio. His hard work ethic, innovation, and putting the client first is what helped to grow this company. Anyone who has ever come into contact with Aaron could tell you that his dynamic, friendly, vibrant personality made him unforgettable.

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